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Social Media

Completely managed social media packages to keep your business ahead of the trends.

Join the companies big and small trusting Bcp Solutions

Make an Impact

Social marketing made easy.

Anyone can post, but it takes an expert to get likes and shares. Your service is fulfilled by social media marketing experts that know how to gain traction online.

Why we're betterflexibleaffordable

Experienced with All Posting Styles

Our team knows how to create quality posts for trending news, dynamic images or GIFs, product promotions, and content related to trending topics.

Engagement Gurus

Our team is seasoned in interacting with audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

Veteran Content Writers

The team members creating your posts are skilled with both short-form and long-form content creation.

Leading the best marketing team.

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly, achieve marketing.

Our team will create new posts to present for approval each week. The number of posts you can expect depends upon your current subscription plan.

Our team is able to provide one licensed image with each post. If you provide custom-branded graphics, we’ll effectively work them into our existing posting strategy.

In addition to our posting, you’re free to share your own content on the same accounts as often as you’d like.

Because social media is dynamic, our team will adapt to trending hashtags to get more out of your social posting service.

Not all social platforms work the same (i.e. Twitter’s character limit). For this reason, we work with you to tailor your social media messaging to the platform’s you want to use throughout the month.

All posts undergo a 3-point inspection to ensure your content is well-written, images are of high-quality, and that the overall post is designed to deliver results.

Talk to our social media posting experts who are ready to service your accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.

Currently, Bcp Solutions posts to six different social media platforms:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Google My Business

Bcp Solutions does not post to any other social media platforms besides the ones mentioned above.

There's no limit in word count with the exception of Twitter. Twitter has a 280 character limit. We try to keep the captions short unless the clients have specific messages they need to send out.

Work on social media posts can begin right away as long as the Bcp Solutions social media team has all the necessary information. We will first confirm that the onboarding document is filled out. Afterwards, we make sure that we have access to all the social media channels. If for some reason we are missing access to anything, we will reach out to you.

If there are any delays in the work from the time the services are purchased, you will be owed those posts and we will be able to supplement them for you as soon as the work proceeds.

Bcp Solutions provides the written content for all social media posts. If required, the Bcp Solutions team can provide licensed stock images that can be used for the posts. We recommend providing custom graphics and proprietary images to the social media team to be used for the postings. If you want custom graphics and videos posted, you can provide the social media team with the files and we can utilise those assets for the posts. Unfortunately, Bcp Solutions cannot provide custom graphics or customise assets provided to us to be applied to the posts.

Yes, based on the plan you choose, you can select a certain number of social media channels for us to post to. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

Yes. Social media posts will be sent to you for approval before they are posted. You may opt to have us post without approval if you would like.

Yes. You can still post while we’re posting. It would be important to let our team know when posts are going out and what posts are going out so we can coordinate accordingly.

Our custom social media posting is meant for maintenance style social media posts. They can include images, GIFs, and industry specific trending news. This service is perfect for any industry/client that wants to keep their social media pages up-to-date with quality content on a monthly basis.

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